Camerata Romeu The Camerata Romeu is a feminine Chamber Orchestra considered as unique by its repertoire and stage presence founded in Havana in 1993 by its director Zenaida Romeu under the auspices of the Pablo Milanés Foundation. Its aesthetic is based on the recognition and promotion of the musical production values ​​of our Latin American composers, whom expressed through the string orchestra, have created for this Central European ensemble, an absolutely new sound born in the Americas.

The best composers from Cuba, Latin America and North America have written works that have been recorded in several phonograms such as La Bella Cubana, (Chamber Music Award and Critics Award), Cuba Mia, Dance of the Witches, Tampa Habana Oslo, Raigal, (Cubadisco Award) and Non Divisi, monograph by Roberto Valera, Latin Grammy nominee, of the Bis Music and Colibrí labels. With the French label Manana Music he recorded the monograph Habanera by Gerardo di Giusto (Cubadisco Award). The album Sertoes Veredas monograph of the Brazilian composer Egberto Gismonti, produced by the ECM and that It has the importance of being the first recording in the history of that German label that promotes and commercializes a music recorded by a Latin American, Cuban and women’s orchestra.

 It has also been a part of  other joint record productions, such as Sueños de Ida y Vuelta with Victor Monge (Serranito) nominated for Latin Grammy, Habaneras de Cádiz with Carlos Cano, La Rumba soy yo (Vol. II), Cervantes Cuatro Pianos, (Cubadisco Award) ), Music of the World (1999), The Island of Music, Future Logos with Antonio Peruch (Prize of the disc in Egmonton), Cyrus, Harp of the World with Carlos Kings, Lewis Music among others. The albums of Camerata Romeu, La Bella Cubana, (Cuba Disco Award) Cuba Mia, Dance of the Witches, Non Divisi, (nominated for the Latin Grammys) Raigal, (Cuba Disco Award), Havana-Tampa-Oslo, Saudacoes, and Habanera. She has also recorded the soundtrack of several cartoons and feature films of important filmmakers from Cuba and Mexico, obtaining the soundtracks high recognition.

The orchestra that does not disdain the classical repertoire of the string orchestra, provides a broad-spectrum repertoire to the young members of the orchestra from the Baroque to the Rumba, for which the Camerata Romeu has also become a great school where dozens of young instrumentalists have been formed, who are nowadays part of important orchestras in Cuba and in different parts of the world.

 In the 25 years that The Camerata Romeu has been founded, it has participated in many international music festivals and numerous concert tours, appearing not only in great venues, but also in the most prestigious universities both in Cuba and in Spain, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil and the United States, among others.

 The work of Camerata Romeu has also been recorded in the multimedia Concierto del Norte, with Norwegian music produced by Bis Music and Himno Bayamés, Parafrasis, based on the Cuban National Anthem produced by the Office of the Historian of Havana. The orchestra has several documentaries that show our professional work. Among them: Amor y Magia (1997) by Eva Maura Díaz, Cuerdas de mi Ciudad (1998) by Mayra Vilasís and Cuba Mia. Portrait of a women’s orchestra (2002) by Cecilia Domeyko currently promoted by PBS and in the Art channel around the world. The Camerata Romeu has been standing since 1994 at the Minor Basilica of San Francisco of Asís in Old Havana.


Anabel Estevez Acosta

Anabel Estevez (Concertino)

Gabriela Iglesias Barrientos

Gabriela Iglesias

Amelia Febles Díaz

Amelia Febles

Noelia María García Olivera

Noelia García


Yadira Cobos

Yadira Cobo (Leader)

Camila Martel

Camila Martel

Adria Gomez

Adria Gomez

Maite Gomez

Maite Gómez



Lizbet Sevila (Leader)


Denia Leon

María Angélica Pérez Martín

María Angélica Pérez

Beatriz Piloto

Beatriz Piloto


Maria Carla LLera Soler

María Carla LLera (Leader)

Daniela Valverde Gámez

Daniela Valverde

Mara Mercedes Navas García

Mara Mercedes Navas


Caridad 2

Caridad Zaldivia Lores



Zenaida Romeu



Cinthia Oviedo Gibert

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